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my first blog postttt

hey guys this is my first blog post... so im doing good today. i went to hobby lobby... got about 100$ worth of merchendise... in my purse. then me and one of my two best friends ash... i'll link her instagram down below, watched lost.

i just made her start it last night and shes already on episode 12 and im on episode 16. so far her favorite characters are sawyer. locke, sun, kate (duh), and of course claire. if u havent seen lost we definetly reccomen d you watch it how bout you go ahead and look it up right the fuck now. my favorites are sawyer, charlie, claire, and kate and jack honesly. thats him in the pic.

then me and my other best friend brielle and i ran some errands and ash made me orange chicken. it was so good.

then me and ash did crafts for like 2 hours and then we all went to walmart. i got a really cute set of new pajamas for free.

anyway, about me, im 18, i love crafts, i love watching tv, i dropped out of high school, im unemployed, i may have a personality disorder, im really fucking short and i literally could get disability checks from the government because of how short i am (but i dont want to because thats embarassing), im a kleptomaniac, i live in tucson az- born n raised bitch- and i really dont know what im doing with my life but this website is my new lifeforce.

ill write everything in here i promise to be loyal to you guys and tell you everything you need to know about my life.

anyway bye guys love you so much xoxo

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